Dr. Brenda Tufte

Speaker 2018

Dr. Brenda Tufte

Dr. Brenda Tufte is a Professor and Chair of Graduate Education at the University of Mary in Bismarck. She has taught in higher ed for 7 years and prior to that, taught in K-12 for 23 years in Minnesota and North Dakota and is the 2012 North Dakota Teacher of the Year.

In 2014, Tufte was awarded the National Education Association Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence and was a 2014 Global Fellow to China. In 2017, she received the Crystal Apple Outstanding Post-Secondary Teacher and has written and presented extensively on differentiated instruction, personalized learning, reading instruction, and educational neuroscience.

Courses she currently teaches in University of Mary Master’s and Doctorate programs include Leading Differentiated Instruction, Project-Based Learning & Instructional Coaching, Strategies for the Technological Classroom, Reading in the Content Areas, Issues and Trends in Education, and Brain-Based Learning.

Dr. Tufte believes that building an innovative, compassionate, and peaceful society comes down to one vital factor…education. “When individuals are inspired to be curious and to develop the tools to think critically, they will always be empowered.”